About Lisa

I've been making artist books for the past five years.

My passion began with a single class at College of Marin where I was introduced to the beauty, physicality and easy accessibility of the book arts. I had been working for the previous 20 years as a marketing/communications consultant for non-profits, so it was a joy to arrive at class every week and reclaim my childhood love of artmaking.

While taking the class, I got hired, unexpectedly, as an art instructor/facilitator at the Cedars Fine Art Studios, a non-profit serving adults with developmental disabilities in Marin County, California. It was there that I put my newfound skills to work on behalf of the Cedars artists and discovered the limitless nature of bookmaking. The results were beautiful and exciting - over 50 diverse mixed-media books, many of which have been exhibited and sold. You can see examples in the Collaboration section.

Three years ago I began creating my own mixed-media books in earnest. Using found images, papers and objects that I alter in various ways, my books are atmospheric works inspired by memories, internal experiences and discovered imagery.

Contact: Lisa@7story.net